• Chinchillas £4.00

    Chinchilla - £4.00 per night

    2 Chinchillas sharing accommodation £7.00 per night

    We do have some cages that may meet your Chinchillas needs but do ask if possible that you bring your own cage with familiar items in for your Chinchilla. This will ensure they feel safe with familiar items in their home. All Chinchilla cages have a daily clean, along with a weekly thorough clean where all shavings/sand are completely replaced. If your pet Chinchilla is sociable we will also make sure they are handled regularly and have play time with us. These individual needs will be discussed and completed in the care plan. We would ask that you provide us with your pets food and sand and we will ensure they get the required daily amounts.

    Fact File for Chinchillas

    Did you know Chinchillas teeth never stop growing. Its important to provide wood for them to chew to keep them down. Cuttlefish is great and also contains vitamin C. Groom your chinchilla regularly, this is a great way to build a bond and also find any concerning lumps or bumps. Chinchillas can live between 15 and 20 years so make sure you think seriously before taking on this responsibility.

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